- Nuummite is a unique combination of Anthophyllite, a magnesium iron silicate, and Gedrite, a lithium-bearing amphibole. It is found only in Greenland and is very ancientabout three billion years old. It is characterised by closely inter-grown crystals which display flashes of iridescent colour. The base colour of Nuummite is charcoal grey to black, and its labradorescence colours include red, orange, gold, yellow, green, blue and violet. The most common reflected colour is gold. Nuummite is mined in a remote area of Greenland and can be extracted only during the warm months. Although it is difficult to find and must be cut with care to display the colour, Nuummite has become quite popular as a metaphysical talisman and as a gemstone.

- Nuummite is named from the Municipality of Nuuk, where the stone was discovered in 1982.

Nuummite can be used in general healing and in tissue regeneration. It has been used to relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches and degenerative disease. It can be used to disperse infections, to purify the blood and kidneys, and to regulate insulin production. It can also be used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, the vision, and the eyes; it has been used to clarify and to strengthen the eyesight and the speech. It is an excellent stone for the stimulation of the triple-burner meridians as defined by acupressure/acupuncture specialists. It can also be used to stimulate circulation, to assist in the recovery from Parkinsoní»s disease, to treat disorders of the central nervous system, to treat disorders of the brain, to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help to protect against the negative vibrations of pollutants, at the physical level, via the creation of an energy field which it builds within the aura.

- Nuummite helps to overcome the desire to falsely claim powerlessness, confusion and brokenness. It insists that you see clearly your abilities, lending confidence and honouring the Creator through honouring yourself. It encourages you to accept yourself so that you may become whole and effective again.

- Nuummite helps to lift the mood, lift negative thoughts and feelings, calm stray and mixed emotions. This stone is helpful in the protection against " energy vampires ", also against non-human sources that can also pierce the beings auric field and drain off energy that can lead to lethargy and disease.

- Nuummite assists people who suffer with depression, stress, negative thought cycles, emotional distress and shock.

- Crystal healers believe Nuummite helps in the recognition of the things that are needed in your life and assists you in the letting go of what is not.

- Nuummite can assist with finding your inner power, achieve self mastery, safely investigate past or alternative lives and increase your insight and intuition.

- Nuummite will help calm and stabilise the mind and body in preparation for a deep relaxed state, it is a stone to help bring the deeper state of mind on the intended focus point.

- Nuummite is also very good to enhance the dream state, bringing insight and psychic visions in an appropriate manner. Nuummite is also beneficial in warding off that of negative nature or negative intent, for this, one must keep the stone close by at all times.

- Nuummite has the power to take you on a journey into the depths of the psyche. It can help to release energies trapped in the subconscious, parts of the mind that may have been lost to fear, trauma, guilt or shame. It can help you recall and release fixated energies from childhood, birth, or even past lives. It is a solid ally that reinforces your courage and determination to do whatever inner work is necessary to be healed and whole.

- Nuummite offers clear vision of your true nature. It assists in perceiving your gifts, lessons and power. It teaches self-responsibility and helps to eschew false humility. Denying the gifts that you have been given does no one any good. Nuummite gently reminds you of this and helps to identify and utilise the gifts you have been given.

- If the earth star chakra is out of balance you may feel disconnected to the earth and the people around you. You might be suffering from hallucinations, anxiety from unknown origins or feel no connection with the Divine.

- If your soul star chakra is out of balance you may feel confused about where you are going in life or your value to be in this physical plane. You also may not be able to accept the existence of the Divine Will and its role in your life.

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