Molybdenite is a molydendum sulphide mineral and is a major ore of Molybdenum. Molybdenite can be confused with Graphite and is soft enough to leave marks on hands and fingers.

The high lustre of Molybdenite crystals make this an attractive collectors specimen.

- Molybdenite stimulates all chakra and is particularly useful in aligning and balancing all chakra and absorbing negativity held within any chakra.

- Molybdenite acts on the will, calming over wilfulness, stubbornness and assisting one to see the truth of a situation in the face of wilful blindness. Molybdenite can assist those with a 'short fuse' find the pause button.

- Used in meditation Molybdenite can provide flashes of inspiration and is an excellent crystal for stimulating the intellect.

Molybdenite should be used in healing with caution due to possible toxicity.

- Molybdenite may be useful in reducing fever and infection.

- Molybdenite may be useful in balancing and treating the circulatory system.

- The name comes from the Greek molybdos, meaning ''lead'', as it was originally thought to be lead. Molybdenite was first recognised as a distinct mineral in 1778 by Swedish chemist Carl Scheele, but molybdenum wasnĄ¯t extracted until 1782 by his colleague Jacob Hjelm. Because of its relatively recent discovery, there are no traditions associated with it.

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