- Also known as Basalt, black lava stone is a black color volcanic rock resulting from an eruption or magma from a volcano. It contains the energy of fire. It is a very good rooting stone that creates a strong bond with the soil and its roots. Its colour varies from light and dark grey to anthracite black.

- Basalt comes from volcano quarries that have been extinct for millions of years. It is in contact with water or air that the lava solidified, more or less slowly, forming different types of lava stones (basalt, andesite, etc.). Its term comes from the Egyptian language "becken" meaning a dark stone.

- Lava stone or volcanic stone is known as a porous, but smooth stone, generally black, light grey, reddish and incorporating silicon dioxide in its composition. It is large and even geometrically plural (round, flat, square, rectangle, triangle, original, broken...).

- The process of creating lava stone begins in the depths of the earth when magma bubbles and under the influence of pressure is ejected from the ground through openings of multiple origins.

- The lava stone was born from the fiery heat under the earth of a very raw energy. This energy represents rebirth or renewal. This makes the lava stone perfect for anyone seeking to change circumstances, their environment and relationships.

- In addition, the heat provided by this stone helps to soothe tensions, relax muscles and relieve stress. Their magnetic energy helps to energise the whole body. The telluric energies pierce the body envelope to awaken our organs.

 - Its earthly energy strengthens our bond with Mother Earth, and its energy of Fire helps us to guide us in our spiritual transformation. It is a very effective base stone that gives strength and courage in our most tumultuous moments. Lava stone benefits are many:

- The lava stone keeps us mentally stable as it guides us to a place of understanding that allows us to bounce back from anything we may have encountered.

- She helps us by dispelling anger and promoting positive change in areas where we need it most.

- She will guide you and help you to express your new motivations and recharge your batteries.

- Lava stone makes you happy and spontaneous! It is a reconstruction stone. It helps everyone to separate from their past and difficulties. It is perfect to start from a better foundation and thus better face the future. Volcanic, it is a stone of fire that acts in depth on our unconscious and helps us to find our balance.

- Lava stone helps to free your oppressed feelings. It brings vitality and sharpens the instinct for survival. It restores feelings of security and trust.

- On the spiritual level, lava stone encourages us to explore the unknown to overcome our limits. Thanks to it, we open up our horizons and get to know each other better.

- Lava stone also allows us to better control our emotions. It resolves tensions and helps us manage our anger. Its action on our unconscious helps to heal past traumas and to move forward more easily.

- Lava stone has the ability to retain and diffuse heat. It is regularly used for therapeutic purposes! These are the famous "hot stones" used on the body at strategic points to untie tensions and muscles before a massage. It also has a strong magnetic energy that helps to energise the body. Lava stone also helps to reduce muscular and nervous tensions that are often related to stress.

- As an anchor stone, lava is naturally associated with the base chakra or root chakra.

- It unlocks this chakra to cleanse all the negative energy that is being pushed back so that you can start your life over with a positive approach.

- Typically, lava stone (like most healing gems) is recommended to be worn in close contact with the skin, if not directly on the skin. The reason for this is that the absorption barrier is not blocked by anything. It allows easy access for energy to flow clearly, and in general, bracelets are used for this purpose. However, lava stone can also be used in rooms to help with emotional clarification or to keep things in energy balance.

 - The porous surface and absorbent properties of lava stone make it an excellent stone to diffuse your favourite essential oils. Simply use one or two of your favourite oils and rub them on the beads. The easiest way is to add the oil to your finger first, then rub it on the beads. You can rub the remaining residue on your hands and inhale for an additional benefit. One or two drops can last from 2 to 4 hours, if you use more oil, it can sometimes last up to 24 hours.

- The essential oils used in lava jewellery also have healing properties. Essential oils have been used for centuries for medicinal and health purposes. They are derived from flowers, leaves, roots and skins, and contain high concentrations of healing compounds found in the plants from which they are derived.

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