Kammererite are potent crystals to use to create a protective grid for your home. They have a vibration that is very beneficial to assist your thinking as it helps to balance the brain.

- By bringing both sides of the brain into symmetry they help to create a more harmonious life.

- They are deep purple or pinkish purple stones that resonate within the third eye, crown chakra, soul star and higher etheric chakras.

- These stones are interesting because they are chlorite rich stones that are not coloured green, like many other crystals containing chlorite.

- Unlike other stones containing chlorite these crystals also contain chromium which makes their colour and energy different.

- When you use them in meditation you may attain a deeper meditative state and their energy may assist you to make contact with angelic beings.

- The presence of chlorite makes them excellent healing stones that also have a strong spiritual vibration.

- Kammererite can also be spelled as Kaemmererite. The name Kaemmererite is said to have originated in Sweden, and was named for a Russian scientist August Alexander Kammerer.

- These crystals are found in Turkey and in the Scandinavian countries Finland, Norway and Sweden.

- While it is not a common stone it is possible to get it from specialist crystal stone suppliers, and is worth following up as it has a lovely energy.

- This is a chlorite rich stone, and for some this may be surprising as many people think of chlorite stones as green as many are, such as Seraphinite and Chlorite Phantom Quartz.

- The colour of this stone relates to the inclusion of chromium which makes some of the metaphysical properties a little different to other high chlorite crystals.

- These stones occur in various shades of reddish rose, purple, pinkish-purple or reddish purple.

- Some chlorite rich stones contain other minerals that allows them to be a different colour, including Cookeite stone, which 
may be various colours including both green or pink coloured.

- Crystals of this stone are known to form in a hexagonal or pyramid shape and are quite beautiful, but these are said to be rare. In addition it may be found as a coating on other minerals.
These crystals have a quite lovely energy, and one of the more useful ways to utilise them is in your daily meditation as their action to stimulate the brain makes them potent stones to help your life .
They have quite a strong resonance that can be felt quite easily, and they are helpful stones to inspire spiritual growth and to aid you to connect with angelic beings during meditation.

- These crystals have a strong action within the higher chakras, including within the soul star chakra and higher etheric chakras, as well the third eye and crown.

- It may be helpful to recline when using them, so that you can place your stone on your forehead close to the third eye.

- These are powerful stones to use if you are working on developing psychic gifts as they have a strong stimulating effect on the third eye.

- Alternatively you might like to place your piece on your crown, as they are known for their action to help to balance the brain when used anywhere within the higher chakras.

By their action to bring the left brain rational way of thinking into unity with the creative and intuitive side of the brain they help to create deep harmony in your thinking.

- This deep accord within your thoughts flows into all parts of your life, helping you to have a more harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

- Their vibration within the crown chakra will also help to align all of the chakras, to aid you to feel relaxed and centered.

- This is a Pisces birthstone, and although jewellery made these stones is not common, if you have a need to relieve pain in your muscles and joints it could be advantageous to wear it on your body.

- An interesting aspect of the metaphysical attributes of these crystals is their action to bring the vibration of the physical body into resonance with the mental.

By combining the two, this may help both areas of your life. Keeping one of these stones on your body may be helpful in order to assist your healing.

- Additionally it may encourage you to adapt to altered circumstances and changes related to the things you believe in.

- It may also help you to gain clarity about those things you seem to instinctively know are right and true.

- These stones have a good action to stimulate spiritual clarity, with a strong heart based energy that allows you to gain awareness of deeper inner spiritual truths.

- As mentioned above, these stones contain good amounts of chlorite and the presence of this mineral is well known for its healing action in the body.

- Chlorite rich stones are known for their action to boost the body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.

They are useful to assist with the release of toxic build up in the body and may help you to release toxic thoughts and let go of negativity in the way you think.

- Their energy is also useful to aid the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, and they have a good action to relieve pain in your muscles and joints.
Their vibration may particularly help you if you are getting to an age where you feel less flexible and find that its not as easy to do some of the things you used to. 

- Furthermore it also helps to activate greater flexibility in your thinking and belief structure.

- This stone has a good healing action within the base chakra, and is known to especially help women with problems related to the womb and fertility.

- It has an excellent vibration to assist emotional healing, and may be helpful to aid you to remember past lives that are related to health issues in your present life.

- These crystals may be used in combination with other healing stones to increase the overall energy of the process when doing hands on healing.

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