- Iolite are stones of vision, used to aid you with journeys out of the body. Their energy will aid the process of connecting with angels, and will take you to a higher level spiritually.
These beautiful blue violet crystals may stimulate the imagination and this may aid their use as shamanic stones and they have good healing properties including aiding weight loss.

- They are the gemstone variety of the mineral Cordierite and comes in a range of shades. They vibrate within the third eye chakra and produce an electrical charge when in contact with your aura.

- This will strengthen the entire auric field and etheric body. They are known to totally open up your thinking, via the imagination and have a number of other strong metaphysical properties.

- The major deposits are found in Brazil but it also comes from India, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Madagascar. The meaning of its name comes from the Greek word meaning violet.

- Iolite Cordierite may be seen as different colours in different lights and from different directions. The term pleochroic is used to describe this attribute.

- Its colours may be anywhere in the range of blue, grey, green, blue-green, grey-blue, violet-blue, yellowish blue through to pale blue depending on how it is viewed.

- Iolite stones may help you in many areas of your life, but the ability to stimulate the imagination is powerful.
The second law of the 7 laws of attraction, is the power of the imagination, so it is a major part of bringing those things you desire into your life.

- Once you begin to be able to use, and have access to the strengths that the extra power of your imagination brings to your life, you have the ability to live the life of your dreams.
It is both a third eye chakra and a throat chakra stone.

Iolite will aid you to open the third eye and utilise its abilities.
This psychic crystal is known to help headaches, especially those associated with developing your psychic powers.

- Often those who have these gifts develop a pain in the forehead, like a form of pressure build-up when your abilities expand, and these stones may aid you to relieve this.

- These stones help you to see, imagine and allow yourself to experience via your visionary abilities. If you imagine it you can experience it, so you may bring it into reality.

- Your inner journeys are expanded under its influence as are your intuitive gifts.

- Within the throat chakra, this stone will activate psychic visions and visionary creative areas, so it is highly advantageous for psychic artists.
Its ability to stimulate the imagination will help those of you who do this work, in the expression of your abilities.

- This lovely crystal aids in the development of psychic vision or clairvoyance, and has the capacity to stimulate the development of any other psychic gifts.
Use it in a psychic meditation, as these stones will stimulate psychic abilities and assist you to learn how to be psychic. These violet-blue crystals are especially helpful to aid you to develop your intuition.

- Iolite stones can aid with astral travel and may help you to let go of the fears associated with inner journeying. Its action may also aid you to communicate psychically.

- For shamanic healing journeys, these crystals may bring the patronage of well-intentioned spirits into the situation for protection and overall access to higher information.
These stones as mentioned, are wonderful stones to use in meditation. They may help you to connect to angelic beings and other beings from the higher realms.

- Their vibration to connect you with angelic beings moves you to a new level spiritually.

- They may help you to let go of the fear you may feel about out of body journeys, and so allow these experiences to happen.
They will aid your inner journeying, and for those who are just beginning, will calm your mind to begin the process.

- For those with past lives specifically in King Arthur's time, it may help to release old karma and resolve the lessons that you experience because of it.

- As Iolite stimulates the imagination, use this crystal in combination with the seven laws of attraction, to aid you to bring the things and circumstances that you desire into your life.

- These lovely lilac-blue stones have beneficial healing properties.

- They help to balance the yin and yang energies, harmonising the male/female energies that are so beneficial to aid in the relationship area.
They are useful crystals to aid weight loss as they help to eliminate fatty deposits.

- They may aid the release of toxins that has been stored in body fat, and are said to energise and balance the metabolism, and may help to improve problems in the liver.

- Their energy is very uplifting, as they calm the brain and are said to be useful to use in the treatment of fevers including malaria.

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