- Embracing the soothing and comforting colours from pale to soft green to sunny emerald, Hiddenite is considered as a stone of growth. The nurturing shades of Hiddenite encourage the overall growth of the wearer in terms of spirituality, thoughts, attitude, health, and approach.
- Hiddenite is also known as green spodumene or green Kunzite. It is considered to be very closely related to pink kunzite also in terms of metaphysical properties.

- Hiddenite is valued and considered excellent for its wonderful characteristics that are helpful in treating heart chakra. It also imparts the sense of unconditional love into the one who wears it. The ancient beliefs say that is very beneficial to wear or hold Hiddenite close to the heart as it unblocks the heart chakra by releasing all the pollutants. It gives rise to the compelling desire to love in lieu of love, without the need of controlling anyone.

- The significant place where Hiddenite is found in large quantities is North Carolina; however there are other places where noteworthy amounts of Hiddenite have been found are Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, and Pakistan.

- Hiddenite is considered to be an effective diagnostic tool for revealing the weak areas of the body when passed over the body. It relieves the person from cold and illness, and may also be used in the radionics analysis. It kindles the power of homeopathic remedies, essential oils, herbs, and hydrotherapy.

- Hiddenite is also believed to augment the healing of depression and mental disorders. It assists in recovery of the physical body from the emotional stress. It also takes care of both the hemispheres of the brain.

- Hiddenite reinforces the heart muscle and circulatory system and is cooperative in curing joint pain, neuralgia and toothache.

- Hiddenite is believed to stir the heart and re-connecting the wearer with the loving thoughts and emotions. It helps the wearer to be spontaneous and genuine in front of everyone. It lets the wearer pour unconditional love on his loved ones and live in the present without worrying about the future outcomes.

- Hiddenite changes the feeling and thinking of those people who feel that financial wealth and assets are the only measures of one¡¯s life, otherwise they are unworthy of deserving anything. It connects the wearer more close to the supreme who has created the whole world and its creatures. It lets one enjoy all the moments of life with enthusiasm and zeal.

- The strong and high vibrational energies of Hiddenite awaken the heart and fill it with peace and love. It opens the heart towards gifts, love, divine offers and energy. Hiddenite brings the feeling of genuine gratitude, security, freedom and attitude. It allows the person to be vibrant and vivacious.

- The green shades of Hiddenite stimulate the heart chakra, which is located near the breastbone. It encourages the interaction of the wearer with the external world and gives him the confidence of conducting himself well within the external environment. An unbalanced heart chakra impacts to the wearer the sense of being controlled in a relationship, which makes him a critic towards others.
The green crystals have the exceptional energy of resolving and re-balancing the heart chakra thereby helping the wearer to understand his own desires and needs clearly. Hiddenite provides the energy to accept the changes of the life.

- Hiddenite worships the Phoenician goddess of fertility known as Astarte. It also honours Persephone, the Greek Goddess of Spring.

- It is considered fortunate for those who have born in the months of spring i.e. between April and May.

- It is the stone of those who have born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

- Hiddenite aids those who are under the influence of any kind of addiction.

- The first specimen of the Hiddenite was found in Alexander County, North Carolina, in 1879. It was discovered in small deposits in White Plains.

- Hiddenite is named in the honour of William Earl Hidden, who was commissioned by Thomas Edison to find the platinum deposits in North Carolina, which was an unsuccessful project, but in the quest of searching platinum he came across Hiddenite.

- Hiddenite is a transparent crystal, and it forms in prismatic veins. Though it has a perfect cleavage, which makes it cutting difficult, but still it is crafted into beautiful gem shapes. It must not be exposed to the direct light of the sun as its colour may fade away. It has a fair hardness of 6.5 7 on the Moh¡¯s scale.

- Hiddenite is also termed as Lithia Emerald.

- A member of the Spodumene group, Hiddenite crystals are green in colour. They may range from pale green to soft green to bright emerald colour. The spodumene crystals that occur in the shades of pink or lavender are termed as Kunzite.

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