- Herderite is a rare stone whose specific frequency stimulates dormant areas of the brain.

- Meditation with it may open new pathways in the brain, and awaken latent powers of your mind, and may also enhance a range of different psychic gifts.

- They are powerful healing crystals for you to use to heighten your ability to be alert to spirit's communication with you.

- Many pieces of these rare minerals may be very small, so it may be combined with other more common high vibration stones to boost its energy.

- Stones such as Herkimer Diamonds are good to combine with it, as they have qualities that boost the vibration of tiny stones.

- It is in Brazil that there are the largest numbers of Herderite being found. There are pale green and some rare bright green ones that come from Afghanistan.

- The Golden Brown and Golden Herderites come from Brazil, and they work powerfully with the greyish purple Herderite and the Lavender Blue stones that come from Africa.

- Some of these colors are less easy to come by than others, and all may be classified as rare minerals. Some stones labeled as Herderite may actually be Hydroxylherderite.

- The difference relates to a slight difference in their chemical make-up but they are very similar.
The colors of these rare crystals may also be pale yellow, green, greenish white, pale green, colorless, brownish, gray, lavender, translucent gray, golden brown and some uncommon purples and blues.

- The meaning of this stones name is related to a German mining official named von Herder, that it was named after.

- Those drawn to work with it should consider obtaining as many varieties of the natural crystals as possible, as each accelerates your growth in different areas.

- If the specimens that you obtain are small, you may choose to use them with Herkimer Diamonds or Moldavite to boost their energy.

- This is a crystal that will allow you to access the higher transpersonal chakras, especially when you use it in combination with other high vibration stones.

- It has an ability to unify your mind with your spirit. Any color of this stone can be used by anyone who wishes to utilize the unusual natural crystal energy, which is especially potent in the Golden Herderite stones.
The different colored Herderite have slightly different properties but all have an amazing ability to develop pathways in the brain and expand the potential of the brain.

- As a direct result of this use you may find that you become aware of the future possibilities of your expanded consciousness.

- Using this stone's high frequency crystal energy to raise the vibration of the body.

- It may stimulate your memory and learning abilities and may kindle a growth in your creativity.

- You can set in motion the changes needed to enhance your future way of life as you continue to use Herderite.

- Within the body, and particularly in the brain, there are genetic triggers waiting to be activated. Once you activate these triggers you may begin to use the superior gifts and talents gained.
As you explore new areas of interest that this stone stimulates, you begin to increase and embrace your capacity for change.

- These newly gained talents or abilities may include an increase in your psychic skills and may lead to psychic employment.

- Your enhanced leadership qualities, tact and your ability to work harmoniously within a team will be of benefit to you.

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