Black Andradite Garnet has a deep, strong grounding energy, and is an effective psychic protection stone, but it does a lot more.

- It is a vigorous stone to intensify your creative energies and it also has a vibration that stimulates you to feel more positive about life.
This is also a stone that may evoke the energy of mysticism and magic, and will put you in touch with elemental earth forces to aid your work.
This is a powerful stone to connect you with your own power, that energy held in the depths of your being, a power that you may not yet have fully realized or utilized.

Deposits of this stone have been found in Italy, Greenland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico and the USA.
The meaning of the name Andradite comes from the name of a Brazilian mineralogist called d'Andrada e Silva who did work on describing this mineral.
The black variety of Andradite is also known as Melanite Garnet, and this name is derived from the Greek word for black.
 - Andradite Garnet also comes in quite few other colors, including red, honey- yellow, brown and green. Melanite is a black titanium Garnet variety, and has a number of powerful qualities that make it a useful stone to add to your collection.
These stones are primarily shiny and lustrous, or glossy black. Their crystal structure is cubic, and are often dodecahedron shaped stones that commonly occur in groups or sometimes as tiny druzy clusters.

This black variety of Garnet that has excellent metaphysical properties that help you to make a stronger connection with the earth. This deep connection brings through energy that helps you to feel more alive!

- By allowing you to access a higher level of the vital force, you receive a greater flow from the source, of the divine spark that sustains life, known as qi in acupuncture.
This stone resonates strongly within the base chakra and earth star chakra below the feet, and its vibration also clears stagnant energy within these chakras.

- It is known for its action that brings through the assistance of what may be called earth magic, to boost and strengthen ones own deep innate power.

- This is an excellent spiritual grounding aid, especially if you love using high vibration crystals and regularly get ungrounded. Perhaps you have been living your life in a spaced out manner, on a high so to speak.
This black crystal may help you to make
 stronger and deeper earth connections
 and ground you fully to the earth plane.
Imagine that you are like a plant putting down roots into the earth, as this is how this vibration may feel to you. Using Black Andradite Garnet can allow you to access this vital force.
This helps you to connect with a strong energy that may allow you to manifest what you want and need in your life, in a number of important ways.

- The strong earth star chakra connection that you can access when you using this black variety of Garnet can be beneficial in a number of ways.
Once you encourage this deep energy to flow through your being, you may find the ability to bring those things you have only been dreaming about into your reality.

The vibration of Black Andradite Garnet is known to clear and activate both the base chakra and the sacral or navel chakra. Once it has cleared these chakras, it may also kindle the arousal of the kundalini, and may stimulate kundalini awakening.
Black Andradite Garnet also has an empowering energy, that may help you if you feel you would like to be on the spiritual path, but may lack confidence in your ability to remain committed.
This vibration strongly stimulates the will, and this may assist you to make contact with the life-force energy deep within your being. This may help to empower you and manifest creative solutions to problems within your life.

- It seals your aura and deflects negativity, like a powerful energetic shield around you. For children who have nightmares, place a piece nearby in their room, as it may calm the thoughts that are causing them to feel upset.

- This is also an excellent stone to use in your room when you are sick, as it stops any negative entities from attaching to you, which may happen when your system is weakened.
If you are a healer or psychic reader, this is a good stone to keep nearby to absorb anyone else's negative energy.

- Garnet is on the birthstone list by month as it is a January birthstone. It is an excellent stone to keep close to you, and keeping a piece on your body is beneficial.

- This black crystal is wonderfully empowering, as it will help to strengthen you, and will assist you to continue on your chosen path in life.

At the same time there is a strong psychic protection energy embodied within this stone.

- This powerful protective vibration not only keeps you safe from harm on all levels, but can be helpful for anyone who has suicidal thoughts to feel better about life.
Black Melanite or Andradite Garnet is an excellent stone to aid men, as it boosts what are often thought of as masculine qualities, such as strength, stamina and courage.

- It helps to release blockages in the heart chakra and the throat chakra. This may bring an improvement in relationships of all kinds, and stimulate an increase in intimacy with loved ones.

- Black Andradite Garnet can help you to let go of negative emotions that may be harming your relationships with others.

- Emotions such as jealousy, coveting what others have, suspicion, mistrust, or being too quick to get angry, may be released.

- This is known as a good stone to aid men's health in a number of ways, including to assist prostrate health, and will also help men who are suffering from sexual dysfunction.

- It has a good healing action within all of the organs of the lower area of the body, including sexual organs of both sexes.

- If you feel lethargic and find it hard to get going, as you lack enthusiasm to do anything that requires active participation, this stone may help you.

- Black Andradite Garnet is also a good stone to boost immune function, as well as the bowels, the liver and the blood.

- It may also be helpful for you to use it if you feel that your ability to give or receive love is lacking. This energy may help to empower you, if you have trouble with addictions and feel disconnected from reality.

- When you believe that you need to use a substance and have become addicted to it, the energy of this stone may help you to let go of what may often be a quite desperate feeling.

- When you seem to be a victim of others, this stones vibration helps you to take the first step in giving up your need to use substances to keep you going.

- The strong grounding energy of Black Andradite Garnet creates a deep connection and brings through extra energy to help you to feel more passionate about life.

- Used in meditation it may help you to access the Akashic records, also known as the collective unconscious, which can assist healing of past life issues.
This is an excellent stone to use in meditation and combines well with any of the high vibration stones, and it may assist you to develop clairvoyant ability.

- It also is an excellent stone to aid men's health problems, and in particular to aid prostate issues, and will also help men who are suffering from sexual dysfunction.

- As it has a strong action within the sacral or navel chakra, this is a strong stone to use if you would like to intensify and increase both your creativity and your sexuality.

- Black Andradite Garnet vibrates strongly in the lower three chakras and makes such a deep strong connection to earth that it makes you feel good to be alive.

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