- Hessonite Garnet is just one of the many stones that belong to the family of Garnet. This semi-precious stone is known for its reddish to warm yellow tones. Similar to other popular stones, Hessonite Garnet has been also used for hundreds of years. In fact, many people used it as a stone for prosperity, happiness, and even for good health.

- This stone is actually a grossularite form of Garnet that displays various colors such as reddish-brown, orange, and dark brown-orange. Hessonite Garnet, on the other hand, also occurs in other shades like green and pink. But this stone is highly recognized for its cinnamon-like color.

- Additionally, this stone is sometimes known as the Cinnamon stone. However, this is not just because of its cinnamon-like color, but for the reason that it is originated in Sri Lanka that is previously known as Ceylon.

- When Hessonite Garnet is seen under magnification, it has only lesser transparency in different areas. Actually, it makes it more noticeable from stones of identical color such as Citrine and Topaz.

- Aside from that, it is also easier to make a distinction due to its low specific gravity and manganese content compared to other Garnet varieties.

- If you¡¯re wondering, where this stone got its name, well it comes from the term Hesson, a Greek word that means inferior. But, this doesn¡¯t mean that Hessonite Garnet is an inferior gemstone. It is only because the stone¡¯s hardness and density are relatively lower compared to other Garnet gemstones.

- When it comes to the most popular Hessonite Garnet deposits, usually they are located in Sri Lanka. Nonetheless, these stones can be also mined in the following places: United States of America, Australia, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Italy, Brazil, Tanzania, Myanmar, India, Madagascar.

- When you¡¯re working with the stone¡¯s energies, you¡¯ll experience a lack of restrictions from your mental pain and amazing mental relief.

- Aside from that, the effects of Hessonite Garnet can be sensed by possessing clarity in mind. With this stone, you will become more confident most especially in your actions, thoughts, and words.

- The Hessonite Garnet will also help you in removing all the negativities that are running in your mind. It¡¯ll offer you comfort and aid you discharge your spiritual, emotional, and mental burden.
On the other hand, this stone has been known to offer strength as well as courage. What¡¯s more, it will assist you to find the right path to your spirituality and divinity by discharging your materialistic limitations and desires.

- As with other varieties of Garnet, the Hessonite Garnet is also known as the stone of travelers. Actually, it is usually worn as a protection¡¯s stone.

- Aforementioned, the Hessonite Garnet is the stone that is used to promote good health, which is true.
The stone helps in the treatment of different skin infections and even personality disorders. Hessonite Garnet will also defend you from any life- threatening disease.

- But aside from that, the stone can be utilized to treat hemorrhage problems, reproductive issues, liver diseases, and eyesight.
The Hessonite Garnet will get rid of the toxins from your surroundings that prevent you from attaining healthy well- being.

- Additionally, it helps with hormonal production and hormone regulation. Nonetheless, the stone¡¯s healing energies help with the treatment of impotence and infertility.
Aside from promoting good health, Hessonite Garnet can also bring success to a business that is self- initiated. The stone will encourage you to showcase your creative expression, even though you are thinking that you don¡¯t possess the talent. Using or wearing this garnet stone will give you money abundance, money, and prosperity.
This stone promotes self-respect while giving you emotional clarity as well as helping you in soothing your agitations and worries.
In addition, Hessonite Garnet encourages passion, romance, and love. This stone will also offer you the courage that you need to keep your relationship prosperous and going.
Lastly, Hessonite Garnet will aid you in dispelling your lack of attention in relationships and love by infusing your life with enthusiasm and passion.
Hessonite Garnet is indeed a great stone to have. This stone can offer you happiness, good health, peace, and happiness

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