- Franklinite is a zinc, iron and manganese containing octahedral crystal of opaque black colour with reddish brown to black streaks. This mineral has a weak magnetic charge that becomes stronger when it is heated. When it is heated it becomes infusible and hydrochloric acid will dissolve it without effervescence. Much of this crystal is found in Franklin, New Jersey.

- Franklinite is related to the astrological sign of Gemini. In numerology, this crystal vibrates to the number 2. Since it is a grounding stone and the colour black, it must be associated with the base chakra or energy system of the physical body.

- Franklinite is able to stimulate hair growth. It is also useful in treating male reproductive system disorders. It helps clear unhealthy eyes.

- Emotional and physical preservation is
key for this zinc containing stone. Inventiveness and self expression are stimulated using this rock. Perceptiveness is provided through its vibrations and diplomacy is enhanced.

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