- Obtained from the Derbyshire England, Blue John is fluorite composition extracted from the Blue John Cavern, one of the four show caves in Castleton. Broadly speaking, this alluring stone is found in the stripe of colors ranging from deep purple to red then dark tones of blue as well as yellow.

- The varied colours of this charismatic gemstone make its name ''Blue John'' odd to be called. In the history, it was known that the French miners of that age used to call this fascinating gem nugget ''bleu-jaune'' that means blue- yellow. Blue John, admitted to being the most expensive fluorite in the world is cherished and loved by the women of all ages.

 - Roman legend believes that the eminent properties of the Blue John keep them away from the drunkenness when they drink alcohol from the cups or bowls made of it.

- On the metaphysical ground, Blue John holds the attributes of the mineral fluorite. On the other hand, it is too believed that it is soothing to the sensitivities and provide relief to the soul suffering physical ailment.

- The potent vibes of the stone are too accredited to bring renewal in the constant, stuck life as well as vouchsafe strength to the overall torso for profound health and well-being. Since ages, it is trusted to act as a catalyat for personal growth and inspiring the soul to explore and understand the world.

- It overly helps to experiment with the available resources to find something exciting, new and fruitful for the life coming ahead.

 - All these abilities of this mesmerizing rock make it a stone of teaching as well as learning.

- The healing attributes of this rock make it the gem that works well with Magnetite to align the spine in polarisation.

- The energies of the Blue John is reputed to trigger the third eye chakra along with the crown and solar plexus chakra. Acknowledged as the 'Enigma Stone' it possesses an unusual energy within, the reverberating vibes of Blue John is never ending and offer the quick solution to the wearer.

- Regarded as a bible of solutions, it provides wisdom to the wearing soul, thus contemplated as a gem that allows quick learning and quick teaching.

- The potent vibrations of this magnetising gem nugget attract the positive vibes from the surrounding along with the wisdom to grant to its
wearer and assist him to handle the poignant moments of the life.

- The never ending teachings of the stone
gained from the never ending sources allows the soul to grow emotionally, spiritually as well as intellectually continuously.

- When a soul gets no direction and feels directionless, then this stone brings a sense of serenity, peace of mind and soul. It leads the soul towards the right path and guide him to take the corrective steps to move ahead in life.

- The resonating energies of the stone teach wisdom as well as obliterates the negative, off-putting energies from the inner soul and intellect. Everyone to an extent holds a negative side, thus to turn that into positive one should wear Blue John.

- Blue John too got the potential to stir the chakras when needed and aligns with the others for attaining the balanced life.

 - The activation of a crown and third eye chakra through this gemstone helps the wearer to imbue motivation along with the wisdom in the day to day actions. Since ages, it is regarded as a mineral that contributes to finding a true soul mate that seals the wearing individualí»s free energy.

- The deep hues of this stone comfort the soul deeply and encourage the soul to search for the settlement in the upsetting relationship. In short, Blue John is an answer to all troubles and solution to all issues.

- Blue John too acts as a divine hand; that assist the soul in learning things from the hidden self as the hidden self learns from the hidden things of the surroundings.

- The vibrations of the stone likewise offer the teaching in addition to the guidance that triggers the intuitive power to show up the path.

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