If one would want to work with a crystal that depicts the changes that he/she goes through after identifying the ego of the small self to the soul¡¯s consciousness of the true self, Cinnabar is the perfect and ideal crystal.
Cinnabar is a colorful stone and has an amazing color that is relatively very uncommon in the color palette of the minerals. Cinnabar is said to have the connection with the merchant alchemy, spiritual alchemy, and metal magic.
Cinnabar is known as the Merchants Stone in the Orient. The strong metaphysical properties that this stone holds bring an increase in the wealth and business of the wearer. It is believed that keeping a Cinnabar in one¡¯s cash box increases his wealth and standard of living. Cinnabar silver jewelry empowers the wearer to complete his divine purposes of life and awakens his mystic and psychic abilities. For this purpose, Cinnabar has been honored with the name of ''The Magicians Stone''.

- Cinnabar is a powerful transformational tool that can be used for its energy to completely embrace the intrinsic genius.

- Cinnabar is found in all those places where mercury is yielded. The noteworthy places where Cinnabar is found are Philippines, California, Spain, Egypt, Slovenia, Alps Mountains, Alaska, Tuscany, Serbia, Texas, Arkansas, Peru, and China. One of the primary sources of Mercury is the Red Devil Cinnabar Mine.
Cinnabar is said to heal the sexual issues, fertility and induces weight loss. It is used to support treatment of blood disorders, viral infections, and fungal infections. It is also considered to increase the formation white blood cells in the body thereby enhancing the immunity of the wearer.

- The magical powers of Cinnabar helps in making the wearer a good decision maker as it inculcates such qualities that can induce the wearer to think wisely whatever is good for him and what is good for his family members.

- Cinnabar is helpful in fending off depressive thoughts, depression, and dejection. It supports the person who feels aloof and alone even in between a crowd. It frees the wearer from the mental problems that exhausts him to a large extent.

- This stone is termed as the magical pill of immortality. It allows the wearer to accept himself as he has been sent on the earth by the supreme. It gives the wearer a mental stability and relaxation from the worldly issues and allows him to involve in the deep meditation. Being a spiritual healer, it instils confidence in the wearer to feel comfortable amongst many people.
Cinnabar supports teamwork, and helps to keep in mind the fact that "to give is Divine". Cinnabar bonds the wearer with the source of all living beings.

- Cinnabar is considered as the healer of the root chakra. The root is located at the base of the spine. It is the most instinctual of all chakras and sets up a deepest connection with your physical body. Root chakra carries our ancestral memories, and most of the people could not remember it easily as their chakra is blocked or polluted. Cinnabar is a miraculous stone that can help heal the root chakra.
In ancient times, the Arabian and the Chinese alchemists used to haul out mercury from Cinnabar.
During the peak of Maya civilization, Cinnabar was used in royal burial chambers, where the noble women and their belongings were completely covered by the red powder of Cinnabar. It has been used in the Tomb of the Red Queen in Palenque in between 600-700 AD.
The word 'Cinnabar' has been derived from 'dragon's blood¡¯, from a Persian word.
Cinnabar is good for people who are into race car driving, hunting, martial arts, etc.

- Cinnabar is a red crystalline form of mercuric sulphide. In its natural state, it is a red crystalline solid. Cinnabar is said to be the common ore of mercury. The hardness of Cinnabar is 22.5 on the Moh¡¯s scale of hardness and has the specific gravity of 8.1.
The symmetry of Cinnabar resembles Quartz, and some of its optical characters are also same.

- Cinnabar is usually found in a gigantic, coarse or earthy form and is bright crimson to brick-red in color. It generally  occurs in a crystalline form and has a non-metallic lustre. The crystals of Cinnabar occurs in massive form, however, they are sometimes twinned.

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