Chrysoberyl is a kind of beryllium aluminum 0oxide mineral, which belongs to the hydroxide and oxide class of minerals, look as if a twinned or thrilling hexagonal crystal. In spite the resemblance of their names, the beryl and chrysoberyl are two entirely different gemstones. This is actually a rare gemstone that demands a high value, especially the ones that are in the shape of snowflakes.
The chrysoberyl is actually one of the most undervalued gemstones, which have some very astounding characteristics. You might be thinking that it is a part of the beryl family, yet it is essentially not. Furthermore, the chrysoberyl is a kind of beryllium aluminum oxide. The family of the chrysoberyl has 2 rarer crystals, chrysoberyl catĄŻs eye and alexandrite.
Moreover, chrysoberyl is a greatly tough gemstone, which scores a whopping 8.5 score in the Mohs scale. Further, it also has a great refractive index. This just means that its luster is very outstanding. Furthermore, it also possesses a vitreous luster. There are some transparent and clean pieces of this crystal.
In addition, the chrysoberyl is all the time, not treated, but it may also be purchased for a very valuable prices. The low profile of this stone is what makes it so expensive, in spite its astrophysical look.
Furthermore, this crystal was firstly discovered in the year 1789. Further, it was named by none other than Abraham Gottlob Werner a popular German geologist. The stone may be in brownish, yellow green, or yellow in color. Its colors are all due to presence of iron in it. There are some chrysoberyl deposits that may be found in Pakistan, Myanmar, Russia, Madagascar, USA, Brazil and Zimbabwe.
The term chrysoberyl actually came from the word chrysos a Greek word, which means golden and beryllos that pertains to the beryllium matter of the crystal. The superbly faceted type of chrysoberyl is considered as a great alternative to the more expensive stones, just like the yellow sapphire or the less expensive ones, just like the peridot, citrine, and yellow topaz.
The chrysoberyl carries the energies of self-control and discipline. This is also known to improve the concentration, as well as the ability to learn fresh or new things. In case that you own a piece of chrysoberyl, youĄŻll be enthused to grind for distinction. But more significantly, itĄŻll give you mental clarity, self-confidence, and peace of mind.

- Moreover, thisĄŻll make you realize that you previously have everything that you need to be successful in life. Just as the chlorite crystal, the chrysoberyl is so much of a protective crystal as well, which may help keep disasters and accidents away.
In addition, this gemstone may also transform your own negative thoughts in uplifting and positive energies. Through this, youĄŻll have a much higher respect of yourself, and youĄŻll really know your value. Furthermore, the chrysoberyl is also known for its own capacity to strengthen the spirituality and increase the personal power.
Additionally, this gemstone is also linked with abundance and wealth, more especially when joined with the Caribbean blue chalcedony. The supportive energy that it has also properly you through success. As well as the financial recompenses, which commonly follow it. The energies of it may aid in achieving prosperity through the most honorable methods, and this may enhance the pride and confidence in yourself.
For beginners, it may aid in emphasizing the cause of a certain disease or illness. Further it also possesses prevailing energies, which may support the self- recovery and self-healing. This gemstone may balance the cholesterol and adrenaline levels while working to strengthen the chest and liver.

- This gemstone is very significant in making major decisions financially. This may give you strength, mental clarity, and keen perception. This might make you more confident regarding the decision-making capacities, which may benefit you for a long time. This stone will not make money for your stake. ItĄŻll need your effort and hard work to make it work.
This gemstone may help you in keeping a balanced or fair perspective of your own relationship, in order to achieve harmony and peace. This may also help in making you see clearly the aspects of the relationship that needs some work.

- This crystal will make you realize that you previously have everything that you need to be successful in life. Additionally, this gemstone may also transform your own negative thoughts in uplifting and positive energies. Furthermore, the chrysoberyl is also known for its own capacity to strengthen the spirituality and increase the personal power.

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