Chiastolite is one of three polymorphs of Andalusite, an aluminium silicate mineral. Chiastolite is often brown in color and contains inclusions of black carbonaceous material arranged in regular symmetrical crosses.  

Chiastolite is most often supplied tumble polished, or shaped into spheres, however Andalusite crystals are often cut into gems when they display red or green colors that resembles a form of iridescence, although the colors are the result of strong pleochroism.

Chiastolite is a protection stone and has been used to ward off the evil eye and negativity.

- Chiastolite assists with change, bridging the old with the new, and clearing channels for cross over; signifying both death and re-birth.

- Chiastolite stimulates astral travel and remote viewing capabilities.
Chiastolite is a stone of creation, analysis and balancing.
Chiastolite is helpful in stimulating lactation in nursing mothers.
Chiastolite can reduce fever, and harmonies the flow of blood.
Chiastolite has been used in the treatment of cellular disorders

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