Chalcopyrite has a positive vibration that is known to increase happiness, joy and belief in yourself, and like most gold stones it is a stone of abundance.
It is an excellent stone for meditation and this is its most powerful aspect. It has a powerful resonance within the higher chakras, and is acknowledged as a stone of the mystic.
This is because it is common for it to make a powerful connection to the higher spiritual and mystical realms, although it is also a strong healing stone for the physical body.
If you have lost something, it is known to help you to find it, and it may even get lost to you as well.

- This stone has been found in quite a few locations, including France, Germany, Spain, Zambia, Namibia, Chile, Peru, Australia and the USA.

- The meaning of this stones name relates to two different meanings, as its name is made up of two parts.
The first part "chalco", comes from the Greek word for brass, and this is combined with the word Pyrite, a stone with a similar look.

- It is a primary ore of copper mixed with iron, and its form can be massive or it may also occur as tiny crystals with other stones such as Calcite or Fluorite.

- Its color is brassy yellow or gold when polished as a tumble stone. It tarnishes easily, so be aware it may not stay that golden color.
Chalcopyrite is an excellent stone to use in meditation.
It can be quite powerful if used at the third eye or the highest chakra in the physical body, known as the crown chakra.

- It will clear energy blockages at the crown chakra, and will both cleanse and activate it as well. This stone has an unusual energy that will bring through a strong spiritual, even mystical energy.
Once you begin to feel this vibration, it can be a powerful experience to allow yourself to embrace this energy.
Allow yourself to go deeply into a state of mind which may aid you to gain deeper spiritual understanding.
Used in this way you may gain insights about ancient civilizations on planets other than earth and this may help to explain your current life circumstances.

- The type of deep mystical understanding that comes through may take some time to fully comprehend. It connects you with higher beings who aid you to recognize your role here on this plane.

- Chalcopyrite has a strong healing action in the body. It helps the universal energies to clear anything that prevents perfect health.

- It is known to be helpful to have near you when you are undergoing acupuncture, as it helps your system to integrate the energy flow more easily.
It has a good healing action that helps the healing of both viruses and bacterial infections as well as fevers.

- As it has such a strong vibration at the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, its vibration may particularly aid the healing of brain related issues.
This stone is also known to help problems of the respiratory system, and may also stimulate hair growth.
This golden crystal helps the movement of the chi energy in the body and aids it to go where most needed, which is known to aid any blockages to be dissolved as easily as possible.

- This makes it a good stone for acupuncturists to keep under their treatment table to aid this flow of energy.

- It is known as a crystal for happiness as it has a strong positive vibration that is known to increase happiness, joy and belief in yourself.
Its vibration has an excellent effect on the nervous system and may aid you to think more logically. It is said to relieve the pressure of growths and to constrict their growth is some cases.

- Like most gold stones, they are known as stones of abundance. They will help you to be more aware of the link between abundance and attaining prosperity and your way of thinking.
They are helpful healing crystals for you bring into play to aid you to understand when you need to think prosperously in order to be prosperous.
They resonate within all chakras, and have a strong action within the solar plexus chakra also known as the power chakra, which may help you to attract money.
Chalcopyrite may aid you to discern more about how the universe works, and discover the ideals that encourage and allow each of us to do what we need to do.

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