- Calcite Crystals are some of the most abundant types of crystals that can be found on earth. They can be found all over the world, and they are often mixed with other stones as well.

 Calcite Crystal is also known as Calcspar, Clear Calcite, Iceland Crystal, Iceland Spar, and Optical Calcite. These crystals are often soft and shiny.
They can be opaque or transparent, and usually have a band of mixed colors. They can be colorless, and they can also be black, blue, brown, orange, green, pink, red, yellow, and gray in colour.
The word Calcite comes from the Latin word ¡®calx¡¯ and the Greek word ¡®chalix¡¯, which means lime.

There are large Calcite deposits that can be found in Mexico. But there are also Calcite Crystals found in the USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Iceland, Belgium, and Great Britain.
Calcite symbolizes cleansing. This is the perfect crystal to have with you when you¡¯re looking for a big change in your life, or when you need to make a fresh new start.

This crystal will amplify the flow of energy in your body and help you with your mental expansion. There will be a shift in your perspective, and there will be a renewed sense of commitment in you that will make anything you want to do possible.
Calcite Crystals can also enhance your learning abilities. They¡¯re a great crystal to have when you¡¯re learning a new skill or language or preparing for an important examination, because your mind will be like a sponge that will absorb everything!

Calcite is also a highly protective crystal. It can protect you against negative energies or unwanted physical and psychical attacks.
It will dispel all the negative energies that have accumulated in your personal auric field and replace them with positive ones. This crystal will make sure that you are always surrounded by good and uplifting vibrations!

- Calcite Crystals can ground you, center you, and bring you inner peace. If you¡¯re unsure where you need to go, this crystal can help you use your talents and abilities to discover your life purpose.
It can strengthen your intuition, your wisdom, and your spirituality. This crystal can clear the blockages and the negative energies in your body.

It will turn sluggish energy into stimulating energy, and it will boost all your physical and mental functions. It will help you learn new concepts and make you achieve all that you set out to achieve.
Calcite will help you combat your laziness. It will remove any desire to procrastinate, to be unproductive, and to be slow. These crystals can infuse you with strong energies to make you accomplish more and achieve more.
They can show you how you can love someone wholeheartedly, and they will prepare you to face the challenges that will come your way.
They can help you achieve your goals. They can make you have a happy home environment and build a financially secure future.

- Calcite Crystals can also help you get rid of bad habits, patterns, and behaviours. They can make you accept criticism and deal with anger so much better.

- Calcite increases and amplifies energy. This makes it an excellent stone for distance healing, as well as other types of healing. One of the energies it amplifies is learning abilities, and thus is a great stone for students.
Calcite is said to be good for easing back pains. It¡¯s a crystal that¡¯s effective in general healing and treatment of most conditions.
They can increase your physical strength and help you achieve a speedy recovery when you fall sick.

 They can also act as a detoxifier and antiseptic agent. Calcite Crystals will clean your elimination organs such as your kidneys, bowels, and bladder.
They will help in calcium absorption and will dissolve any calcification that can happen on broken bones.
Calcite will help in strengthening the skeletal system. It will also reduce the pains and discomforts associated with skin conditions.
They can help with your body¡¯s blood clotting abilities and speed up the healing of your tissues. When combined with water, they can help in treating skin ulcers and warts.
Calcite Crystals are also effective in lowering blood pressure.
Calcite can increase prosperity and abundance. It can achieve this by removing old beliefs and patterns that prevent the flow of prosperity in your
This crystal will encourage you to understand your situation and expand your mind when it comes to earning money, creating new streams of income, and attracting good fortune to your doorstep.
It will bring good luck to business owners, especially if your business is one that makes use of your natural talents.
Calcite can bring energies of reconciliation in your life. Whether you¡¯ve been with someone for a week or a whole decade, these crystals can help you repair broken relationships or save
relationships that are on the rocks.

- They can reduce arguments or petty fights because you will be surrounded by positive and loving energies. Calcite Crystals will foster a more harmonious existence between you and your loved one.
They will help you to communicate clearly and effectively so that no one will feel misunderstood, unappreciated, or left out. They will help you maintain the healthy balance in your relationship.
Calcite Crystal will calm intense feelings and encourage you to have a better handle on your emotions. It will show you how you can keep your cool, even during the worst fights.
This crystal carries energies of hope and positivity. No matter what happens, it will help you with anything that you need.

- It will help you create a new beginning. It will give you the strength to start over.

-  It will remove the negative energies in your life and anything toxic that¡¯s affecting your relationship with your loved one. It will get rid of all unwanted emotions that make you feel weak,
vengeful, or ashamed.
Calcite is particularly effective in
 emotional healing. It will remove your
 emotional stress and replace it with
 peace and serenity.
It¡¯s a stabilizing crystal that will increase your trust in yourself and your partner. It will get rid of anything that¡¯s causing rifts, jealousies, and misunderstandings.
It will help you overcome setbacks. It will help you adjust your way of thinking so that you will be able to adapt to new situations, and eventually, new relationships.
Calcite will help you achieve emotional intelligence. They will help you to analyze a situation and remember the important things.
They will give you the ability to turn an idea into action. They will give you hope and motivation. They will also remove any trace of stagnant energy between you and your partner that¡¯s causing you to feel restless.
Calcite Crystals have strong and wonderful attributes that are also very easy to use.
By simply placing them in your hands, you will be able to experience the amazing flow of energy coursing through your body.
Whichever color Calcite Crystals you choose, they are always excellent crystals to have in your home or your office.
They can cleanse your environment and remove the negative energies influencing your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

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