- Bytownite is not a well known gemstone and most probably you may not be familiar with gemstone name. It is because composition and occurrence of bytownite is not very common and is hard to find. It is one of rarest gemstones minerals belonging to the plagioclase feldspars family.

- It is one of rarest gemstones to be the fifth member of the plagioclase family is the bytownite. Its composition ranges between pure albite and anorthite. Bytownite contains 90-70% calcium and 10-30% sodium in its composition. Feldspars, can be identified because of gradations of density and refraction when chemical analysis or optical measurements are not available.

 Albite twining its commonly observed in Plagioclase feldspars. This kind of twinning is formed when a stack of layers twin together which are just few millimeters thick. The bytownite mineral exhibits a grey to white crystal that shows striations.

- Bytownite gemstone has two properties namely the refractive indices and specific gravity on basis of which it can be easily identified .Its specific gravity range between 2.75-2.76. The refractive index of bytownite is 1.563 1.572. To precisely determine these properties will enable you to identify and analyze the mineral. It should be determined together with diffraction, chemicals, and think section analysis in petrography microscope.

- Metamorphic complexes and intrusions also occur in bytownite.

Bytownite¡¯s name was taken from Bytown (now known as Ottawa in Canada) by T. Thomson who
encountered this mineral in boulder near the Bytown. In 1835 T. Thomson gave the name to this stone and later he found out that this material is a mixture when looked under the microscope.

- G. Tschermak applied the name to whatever mineral that lies between anorthite and labradorite. The petrologists adopt this, in the modern time.

- Since ancient times, there are cultural beliefs that Bytownite crystals are believed to heal afflictions in human beings. Beyond their everyday use of beautification in ornaments and decoration, a dedicated therapy involves using crystals for healing chronic ailments. This practice which utilizes Bytownite healing properties is known as crystal healing. Certain crystals are believed to be associated with prominent planets and channelize the energies from these planets into wearer's body.

- Bytownite metaphysical properties are the qualities associated with our personality that get enhanced due to wearing of this gemstone. Owing to all such metaphysical properties as well as Bytownite Astrology, Bytownite gem has also grown popular as a lucky gem among celebrities and sportsmen. Commonly, gemstones are used to enhance joy, reduce stress level, boost concentration power and to attain peace of mind.

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