Bronzite belongs to the pyroxene group of minerals. It can occur in most mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks like
serpentinites , peridotites, gabbros, and norites.

- Bronzite is a gemological name for Enstatite. It¡¯s a beautiful stone in chocolate brown color with shimmering golden swirls.
It¡¯s one of the most beautiful stones that you will see in polished and tumbled form.
Some notable occurrences for this stone include the Czech Republic, Austria, Madagascar, Brazil, and USA. Bronzite will work its energies on you so that you can keep your light and positivity but also have the courage and strength to fight life¡¯s challenges.

This stone has a consistent frequency that powerfully eliminates or dispels negative energies, psychic attacks, hexes, and curses.
Its healing energies will remove your old and unhealthy attachments and break any trace of karmic bonds, especially if you combine it with Angel Wing Alunite.

Bronzite also works as a guardian stone that will protect you from negative energies by neutralizing and transmuting them.
It will inspire you to remove all negative thoughts that cause you stress, depression, and anxiety and make you fall into destructive behavioral patterns.

Bronzite will strengthen your sense of purpose so that you will remain resilient and motivated in reaching your goals.
This stone can impart a lot of universal lessons that will help you better understand the cycles of life and transform the old into new.

Bronzite also has the ability to connect you to your spirit guardians and ancestral magic!
This stone is a very good manifestation stone if you want to attract more wealth and abundance in your life.
It¡¯s a formidable ally when you need to protect yourself from dark magic or bad spells.
You can use it with Biotite to get rid of or bind a particular energy, or simply to surround yourself with positive energies.

- Bronzite works as a very good lucky charm and talisman.

- Bronzite is great at cleansing your chakras. It also works as a shaman stone that guides you through your journey, whether physical or dimensional.

- It¡¯s a wonderful stone to meditate to and study with because it will bring you calm and peace and help you create your very own sacred sanctuary.

 - Bronzite carries powerful healing energies that will be beneficial to your physical body.

- It can aid in purifying the blood and fortifying your nerves. Some people use it to help in their healing from trauma, depression, and anxiety.

- Its healing energies can also relieve pains associated with cramps.

- Bronzite balances the acidity and alkalinity in your body. It also supports the assimilation of iron.

The healing energies of Bronzite will also ease the symptoms of aging. It can help in the treatment of allergies and skin diseases.

Bronzite will also prevent and get rid of ulcers on the organs and dispel depression.
When it comes to wealth and abundance, Bronzite will help you see that it¡¯s a gift that you can find and lose at one point.

 - It will make you realize that you should be ready to let it go anytime because it can return to you in the future with your hard work.

- Being possessive of our wealth, and becoming a miser or a skinflint through our own fear of poverty, makes us inadvertently alienate those whom we love.

Bronzite and stones like it, whether attuned to in meditation or just kept around so that their energies encourage us at a subconscious level, help us to see that there¡¯s no ¡®win state¡¯ with wealth and money.
Bronzite raises your vibrations and the vibrations around you. When you¡¯re going through financial hardship, this stone will remind you to trust the
process and keep going. Even if you feel stuck, never lose your faith. Bronzite will help you get rid of your indecisiveness and lack of confidence so that you can go after what you want.

- It will help you maintain your professionalism, calm, and quick thinking in customer-focused work settings as well.

- Bronzite will help you get through each day feeling cheerful and positive about your financial prospects.

Bronzite vibrates in a way that tempers your desire to take control over your relationship or manipulate the person you love.

- Bronzite will also remind you that you can decide not to be a pushover in your relationship.
The energies of this stone will protect you from being forced, coerced, intimidated, or taken advantage of by the person you love.
At the same time, Bronzite will stop you from pushing people into doing something that they don¡¯t want to do and making them feel bad when they don¡¯t want to.
This powerful stone will inspire you to own up to your actions no matter how much you feel like you¡¯re in the right.
Bronzite vibrations will remind you that even if you have the freedom to use your own energy doing whatever you want, it does not give you the right to impose yourself on people.

- Bronzite will also allow you to expend your energies in a healthy manner without isolating or suffocating yourself and the person you love.
This stone will remind you that in staying committed, you don¡¯t need to sacrifice your own individuality.

Bronzite will reassure you that it¡¯s okay to do things solo once in a while because everyone needs a little me time.

- It will make you value your relationship and appreciate the person you are in a relationship with.

Bronzite will work with you in boosting your confidence and courage to stand up to people who want to create bad situations in your relationship.
It will help you set clear boundaries so that people will not overstep yours. Even if it puts you in conflict with some people you dearly love, it will set a precedent.

Bronzite will also support you in dealing with your relationship issues. It will help you think straight even if you feel like your heart is a huge mess.

- Bronzite will make you feel brave. It will make you strong enough so that people will not have a power over you.
It will also stop you from feeling helpless when you¡¯re around strong people.

Bronzite is quite supportive in making you more confident about your decisions in life and in making you more control with your actions.
Because Bronzite is an iron-bearing stone, it¡¯s also highly protective.

Bronzite will help you in discovering your hidden talents and skills that will inspire you to take action.
It will give you the courage to overcome your challenges and support you strongly whenever you¡¯re feeling uncertain or fearful.
It will get rid of your self-imposed limitations so that you can move forward to achieve what you truly desire.

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