Brazilianite embodies an interesting and potent energy that relates to ancient Atlantis.

 This Atlantean vibration may have a profound effect on your creative abilities, especially if you have lived a past life in ancient Atlantis.

This was a civilization which had learned to utilize the power of crystals, to manifest amazing creations on a grand scale!
Be aware that it was misuse of power that brought an end to this ancient civilisation, which came crashing down and was totally destroyed.
If you were part of that ancient civilisation and misused the energy of crystals, the action of this golden stone is known to cleanse the past and 
re-empower you spiritually.
The meaning of this stones name relates to the country where it was originally discovered, in Brazil in South America. Since then they have also been found in New Hampshire in the USA.

Their color is often bright yellow but they may also be yellowish green, green or colorless. They form prismatic crystals and are quite beautiful, both to look at and in their energy.

 Brazilianite is not often found made into jewelry, due to the fact that these stones are not easy to cut as they are brittle and crack easily when cutters try to work with them.
There are some jewelers who have mastered the art of working with this stone, and there are beautiful gemstones made from this crystal, which would be lovely to wear.

Their metaphysical qualities make them in demand by collectors, and although they are labeled as rare they are usually available at specialty crystal suppliers. When they were first found they were incorrectly thought to be a variety of Chrysoberyl. 

They have sometimes been mis-identified as Amblygonite, as many stones are quite similar to these two stones in color.
Using this golden crystal with its strong Atlantean energy is powerful to aid manifestation, by using your will-power, via its stimulation of the solar plexus chakra.

Brazilianite crystal also has a loving heart based energy, and as long as it is used with integrity, may be beneficial to aid your life.
It is also associated with enhancing creativity, and taking creative action which is stimulated by this stones resonance at both the solar plexus and the sacral chakra.

The vibration of this lovely crystal has a number of other positive attributes, including its action to help you to release anger and by making you aware of your personal power.
This energy also aids you to be aware of anyone who tries to take advantage of you, and to deal with this in a new creative way. As Brazilianite crystals commonly have touch of green in them, this gives you a clue as to the fact that they also resonate both within the heart chakra as well as within the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of the will.
The energy embodied within these stones helps to meld together the vibration of the heart and solar plexus chakra, to create an energy that aids a heart based use of the will.
This blended energy will also help you to release feelings of anger or bitterness that you may be holding on to, relating to things that occurred in the past.

This is a good stone for anyone whose work is creative, such as painters, musicians or writers like me. For anyone whose work requires you to
think creatively, you may find this energy will help you to be more creative on a day to day basis.
These yellow crystals have a strong resonance within the solar plexus or power chakra to help to boost your personal power, and may help you to
learn to say no when required. Using this crystal may be beneficial to use for relationships that are too close, commonly known as co-dependence.
By its resonance within the area that governs personal power, it may aid you to take control of your own life and make choices based on what you would prefer.
Using Brazilianite crystals may be helpful to ensure that others do not cross your boundaries.

Their energy helps you to release feelings that have you continuously worried about what others think of your actions, which have stopped you from living the life you would like.

They may be advantageous in situations where parents don't seem to be able to get their children to live by the house rules and where they find it hard to say no.
If are in any sort of relationship where anyone else is manipulating you, this stones vibration will help you to break free from this oppression.
This manipulation may be from your partner or your children, and this energy may aid you to make your own choices.
The vibration of Brazilianite crystals can aid these relationships, and help parents who have allowed their children to control the family.
Their vibration may help you to work out what is required for peace and harmony to prevail in your home.

It can also be helpful for parents who
 find it hard to let go of their children, and
 allow them to live their own life.

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