Bornite is a copper iron sulphide mineral. Bornite has a brown to copper- red colour that tarnishes to an iridescent purple on exposure to air. Its purple to bronze iridescence gives it the nickname
Peacock Ore or Peacock Copper. 

Bornite and Chalcopyrite can be treated with acid to artificially enhance the iridescent tarnish and is sold as Peacock Ore.
Bornite is the stone of happiness and imparts the message that life is truly joyful. Bornite is used to protect from negativity and remove blocks that prevent reaching goals.
Bornite helps release that which is no longer useful, breaking old patterns of thought and emotion.

Bornite is an excellent healing stone, which can harmonise the cellular structure of the body. 

Bornite can help reduce fever and swelling.
Bornite can help stimulate and regulate the flow of adrenaline.

- Bornite assists in the treatment of
 convulsive conditions.

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