- Benitoite is a barium titanium silicate mineral found in Natrolite veins in Serpentine rock. Benitoite is a rare crystal, usually found embedded in white Natrolite and has a distinctive sapphire blue colour that will fluoresce under UV light.

- Benitoite crystals are often associated with Neptunite and Joaquinite crystals.

- Benitoite crystals have a quite blissful energy that stimulates the growth of joy and happiness and expands your consciousness.

- They have a compelling effect when used at the third eye chakra, creating a highly beneficial outcome which may stimulate your psychic abilities.
They may trigger an increase in synchronistic events, and may help you to see the deeper meaning of what you are experiencing.
They may also assist the flow of telepathic gifts to come to life, especially between you and someone with whom you have a close relationship.
This mineral is known to have a good healing action which is very beneficial to help when you are lacking energy.
It may be especially helpful when you are feeling physically worn out or exhausted. It also has a beneficial energy to assist anyone who is emotionally worn down, as it helps to uplift your feelings.

- It will help to clear negative thoughts that have been causing you to feel out of sorts.
The energy of these stones may also help you to gain greater understanding when faced with issues that may relate to past life events.

They will help you to understand the reason why you have this issue and how it relates to your soul path in this lifetime.

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